The Team

Purely Nutrition Ltd. has been running since 2004. Our in-house team of registered nutrition professionals, sales and administrative staff are based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and are headed by Sorrell Fearnall (Managing Director) and Dr Jennie Cockroft (Director of Nutrition).

Sorrell Fearnall

Managing Director

  • Sorrell is a serial social entrepreneur with Purely Nutrition being her third venture. A strong interest in health and nutrition led to setting up Purely Nutrition Ltd - a business with the aim of bringing nutrition education to school children on a nationwide scale. Described by RSPH as maverick in its approach PhunkyFoods continues to be the nationwide leader in childhood healthy eating resources. The company has developed to also provide nutritional consultancy across the UK for major corporations. Sorrell has over 12 years experience in marketing, new business development and corporate social responsibility. Sorrell, with the support of Jennie has been running Purely Nutrition Ltd since 2004 putting the business firmly on the map as the leading supplier of high quality nutritional services.

    Dr Jennie Cockroft FRSPH RPHNutr

    Director of Nutrition

  • Jennie holds both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in human nutrition, is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist, and has been working in nutrition for the past 15 years. Jennie has considerable experience of working in a variety of settings. A strong academic grounding has been more recently backed up with considerable commercial and public health experience, and Jennie is considered an expert in the area of children's diets, the psychology of food choice and behaviour change. Purely Nutrition's public health programme for schools, the PhunkyFood's Programme (PFP) has been developed, written and delivered by Jennie and her team of nutritionists over the past 8 years. Jennie was instrumental in gaining a recent Health Promotion and Community Well-Being Award for the PhunkyFood's Programme from the Royal Society of Public Health and Purely Nutrition is the first ever private company to receive this award. Jennie is an active member of the Nutrition Society and the Association for Nutrition, and currently sits on the Registration Committee for the Association for Nutrition.