Purely Nutrition provides professional support and advice for the food and catering industries, media, PR and public health via our nationwide nutrition network of over 250 of the UK's leading registered nutritionists and dietitians.

Purely Nutrition

Here at Purely Nutrition we are only too aware that diet, food and health issues are big business in the UK and that there is currently a huge demand for high quality nutrition expertise. To-date there are only around 7,000 registered nutritionists and dietitians working in the UK - severely restricting access to high quality nutrition resources at a local level. There is also huge confusion about the differences in qualifications and working practices of registered dietitians, registered nutritionists and nutritional therapists. That's why we've set up a freelance database in order to help you find a registered nutrition professional to provide the expert nutrition help you need!

Registered nutritionists and dietitians

Purely Nutrition also guarantees the quality and professionalism of their freelancers by using only appropriately qualified personnel.

At Purely Nutrition we only use registered nutritionists and dietitians, this means that we only use individuals who are qualified and competent in nutritional science and practice and who uphold the highest professional and ethical standards through a comprehensive code of conduct, either via the Association for Nutrition (AfN) or the Health Professionals Council (HPC).

We can find the right nutrition professional for you

We currently have access to over 250 registered nutritionists and dietitians in the UK, representing a wide variety of expertise, knowledge and experience, as well as a good spread of geographical locations. This means no matter what the job we can find the right nutrition professional for you.

Our nutrition professionals provide high quality, evidence-based nutritional advice in a practical, clear and consistent manner, whilst at all times seeking to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and scientific integrity. Above all else we value our friendly, honest and successful relationships with clients and health professionals, and strive at all times to be dynamic, driven and innovative in all we undertake.